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lmao gay
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reviving Archanda for 2020
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Haudi! I revamped the website. I hope it looks nice.   ok ok, I wanted to keep the old theme, but the Author dropped support for it a few months ago, and it was really lacking a lot of the features that I had wanted to use. I decided to throw on Cesium, and see if I could try and replicate the look of the old website, and god damn it looks nice. Anyway! We got the 5 votes. I changed some things around, (I'll give ya a list below), and we'll be working on the server in the coming days. Changes: Added Support Tickets Added Forum Moderators Added Friends Added Custom Avatars Added Custom Banners Added In-Site Webstore Added Members Tab Added Veteran Role (Given to anyone who signed up before June 10, 2020) Added Maintenence Mode Added Better Reactions Added General Quality-of-life updates. Removed CraftingStore For more development updates, visit
about 1 month ago

Just wondering.. would any of you guys like to see this come back? I was thinking about it, and I kind of miss it.
about 1 month ago

For the last few days the hosting company we used to use for website & DNS hosting decided to be sold to another company. There have been multiple errors and support tickets, and we are still trying to get things back online. Please reply if something doesn't work!   Thanks!
6 months ago

  Hello all! After a long, two weeks, we are back with working server hardware! I got everything setup correctly, (hopefully), and if I missed anything be sure to let me know! Also, just a reminder that its the last few hours of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday 65% off sale in our store @ ! And, yes, we will be adding more features like Crates in the upcoming days! If there is anything you would like to see, please use the suggestions forum! You can find that HERE. Oh, and also, still nobody has completed the parkour. I have modified it to make it a little bit easier, (adding more checkpoints, etc.), and upped the reward to $35,000. Finally, here is a refresher on the working domains you can connect with: - - - Happy playing!   - Spqrrow
7 months ago

Hey guys. Some things have happened regarding the Server and the intergrity behind it. It's no secret that the server was getting attacked on Sunday. I'm doing my best to get things handled on my end. Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep the server up when I can. For any quick, one-sided updates, I update the "Quick Announcements" tab on the website (refer below) usually every day. The Server will be online for hopefully the next few hours. Contact Admins directly for the IP. Thanks!   - Spqrrow
8 months ago