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Rank Requirements for Helper




Welcome to the Rank Requirements for Helper!

These are very basic rules on what you need to understand before applying for Staff! As long as you comply with these rules, I wish you good luck in the application process!

When you are ready to apply, click here to begin.

Alternatively, you can use this link: https://archanda.net/apply


You must;..

- Be atleast 13 years old. (14-16 is recommended though)

- Be able to play more than 2 hours per week.

- Be able to take a joke. (seriously.)

- Have prior moderating knowledge.

- Understand what Common Sense is and when to use it.

- Have your discord tag in your profile. (You can edit that here.)

- Have the community hold some respect for you.

- Say "RRHV" at the end of your application. (The final box that says "Anything else?")


You must not;..

- Have any punishments on your name within the last month.

- Lie on your application.

- Have never been banned on Archanda. (exceptions apply)

- Retaliate when someone speaks against you.


Things that will increase your chances:

None of these are required to apply.

- Have a working microphone.

- Able to show evidence of previous experience.

- Have IronGoldLapis, or Dedicated Member rank.

- Be very respected among the community.


Things that could hurt your application:

But these won't prevent you from getting accepted.

- Swear excessively.

- Immature


Applications will usually be accepted every Sunday. You will be notified on your application status, and your application may go through several processes. If we cannot decide, we may;

- Ask you more questions in the comments.

- Interview you on discord. (Preferrably in a voice channel)

- Have the community vote on you against other applicants.

That's it! Thank you for reading, and good luck on your applications everyone!

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